How to order a birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates or reports

Ordering certificates

Florida certificates are issued through the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the Department of Health. Orders may be placed in person, by mail, or online through VitalChek.

Ordering online

VitalChek is a 3rd party service and the only vendor recommended by the Florida Department of Health for ordering online. They may charge different fees than the fees charged when ordering directly through the Hillsborough County health department office.

Birth certificates

Birth certificates can only be issued to the registrant (the child named on the record) if of legal age (18), parent, guardian or legal representative of one of these persons or by court order. Court orders must be the most current and signed or stamped by a judge.

Death certificates

Death certificates are public record without cause of death. Anyone may obtain certified copies without the cause of death information. Death certificates which includes the cause of death may only be issued to eligible family members and others legally entitled to that information.

Copies of the death certificate are available from either the funeral director handling the deceased or the local Florida Department of Health's Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Marriage certificates

The Hillsborough County Health Department does not issue marriage licenses, but you can get a copy of the certificate after it is issued by the Clerk of the Court.

Divorce reports

The Hillborough County Health Department does not issue divorce reports, but you can get a report on the dissolution of the marriage. The document is an abstract report and not the entire judgment of dissolution of marriage. If you need the judgment, contact the Clerk of Court in the county where the divorce was granted.

The divorce you are requesting must have occurred in Florida.


For more information on vital certificates, call the Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County at (813) 307-8002.

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