After seeing how many pets needed help, this local hero made fostering her mission and got much joy in return

Note: This story was originally published on Jan. 23. 2023

Anabel Solis got her start pet fostering by pure chance. In August of 2022 she found a stray dog and took him to the Pet Resource Center when she was unable to find his owner. During the brief moments that she was there, she witnessed a puppy being surrendered and observed firsthand the overflow of cats and dogs. It was eye-opening for her. "There's so many animals that come through those doors that don't deserve to be abandoned or given up on. They have no idea why they are there or what they did wrong, and it breaks my heart. You hear about it happening - animals being taken to the shelter, but it's much different when you see it in person."

Since the Pet Resource Center was close to capacity, Solis decided to foster the stray dog temporarily while the center made space for him. In less than a year, she welcomed an additional four dogs into her home. Currently, she is hosting "Aloe," a black American Staffordshire terrier who is thought to be about 5 years old. Solis describes Aloe as being playful, happy-go-lucky, and affectionate.

The joy of new friendships

For Solis, getting to know the personalities of the dogs she fosters is one of the most rewarding aspects. "It's the best feeling to watch a timid dog go from being unsure of him or herself on the first day home, to [becoming] an outgoing dog and seeing them shine." As enjoyable as it is for Solis, it's just as beneficial for the Pet Resource Center and the dogs themselves. Anabel takes notes on all her foster pets' personalities, habits, and preferences. These are reported back to the Pet Resource Center and documented in the animals' files. This information helps the center better match pets with future owners, ensuring successful adoptions.

Rewards are not just for the dogs

Solis often thinks about adopting another pet but finds fulfillment in making a positive impact in the lives of multiple animals. For her, giving dogs a much needed break from the shelter and allowing them to de-stress for a few days or a few weeks is profoundly rewarding.

"Before I started fostering, I thought several times about adding a second dog to our home. At least for now it makes more sense for me to help as many dogs as possible and let them experience what it's like to live in a home with lots of love, treats and toys."

Image Caption: Anabel Solis and her foster dog, Shalomar, enjoy a day at the dog park.
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