In a move toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, Hillsborough County has been chosen to host one of the first Electric Vehicle (EV) Garbage Truck pilot programs in the state of Florida. Spearheaded by Battle Motors and operated by FCC Environmental Tampa, this initiative marks a significant step toward reducing emissions and enhancing the quality of life in the community.

An Electric Revolution: The Battle Motors EV Garbage Truck

This ambitious project came to fruition with the partnership between Hillsborough County, Battle Motors, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles for commercial and industrial use, and FCC Environmental Services, a global pioneer in environmental services. The star of the show is Battle Motors' state-of-the-art Electric Garbage Truck, purpose-built for waste collection while prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendliness.

The EV Garbage Truck boasts a range of advantages that set it apart from its traditional diesel-powered counterparts, potentially revolutionizing the way waste collection is conducted in Hillsborough County and across the state of Florida.

Front of electronic garbage truck.
The front of an electric garbage truck.

The Benefits of EV Garbage Trucks

Environmental Sustainability: One of the most prominent benefits of electric garbage trucks is their near-zero emissions profile. The Battle Motors EV Garbage Truck produces no tailpipe emissions, reducing the carbon footprint and air pollution associated with waste collection.

Quiet Operations: Traditional diesel garbage trucks are notorious for their noise pollution, which can disrupt neighborhoods during the early morning hours. Electric garbage trucks, on the other hand, run quietly, minimizing disturbances to residents and improving overall community well-being.

Potentially Lower Operating Costs: Electric vehicles are known for their cost-effectiveness, and electric garbage trucks are no exception. They have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance than their diesel counterparts, potentially resulting in reduced long-term operating costs for municipalities, which is something the pilot will help determine.

Energy Efficiency: EV garbage trucks are highly efficient, converting a higher percentage of energy from their power source into actual vehicle movement. This efficiency not only conserves resources but also ensures that the trucks can operate for longer periods before requiring a recharge.

Regenerative Braking: The constant braking that occurs during normal operations generates energy that can be channeled back into the battery for additional charge. This further increases the efficiency and drive time of the EV truck.

Improved Health and Safety: Operating electric garbage trucks eliminates exposure to diesel fumes for waste collection personnel, contributing to better working conditions and long-term health benefits for those involved in the industry.

Electronic Garbage Truck
A side view of an electric garbage truck. A decal on the truck reads "100% Electric" and "Zero Emissions".

A Clean and Green Future

The Hillsborough County Electric Vehicle Garbage Truck pilot program is a step toward creating a cleaner, more sustainable future. By testing electric vehicles for waste collection, the community stands to benefit from reduced emissions, lower operating costs, quieter streets, and a positive impact on the environment.

Hillsborough County is proud to take part in this pilot program as a way toward a cleaner, greener, and more eco-conscious future for all its residents. The partnership between Battle Motors, FCC Environmental Services-Tampa, and Hillsborough County is a powerful step forward for the future of solid waste collection.

To learn more about Hillsborough County's Solid Waste Services and other Hillsborough County pilot programs such as the Waste Diversion Pilot Project with Goodwill, head to the Hillsborough County Solid Waste Webpage.

Image Caption: Hillsborough County, Battle Motors, and FCC Staff stand in front of the electric garbage truck.
Posted: 3/22/2024, 6:10:23 PM