New African American Arts and Cultural Center is personal for many

Hundreds of residents packed the house at the African American Arts & Cultural Center (AAACC) community meetings last fall, eager to learn what would be built at 2103 N. Rome Ave. The standing-room-only crowds hailed from across the county and were curious about the center's programming, art installations, job creation, and how African American history would be represented.

During the meetings, County planners described the vision for the AAACC as a vibrant place alive with art, sounds, and experiences. To give residents a clearer picture, architectural renderings lined the room as did pictures of African American art that had influenced the center's design. Residents took their time to look, listen, and ask thoughtful questions about the center's future.

From interactive indoor and outdoor engagements to celebratory events, visitors will take part in a variety of activities at the AAACC - all with a backdrop showcasing African American creativity and culture. The center will feature the work of local artists, interactive opportunities, art classes, African American history, meeting and event spaces, and more.

A welcome place for all, County departments plan to add AAACC activities into their programming. For example, Hillsborough County's Homeless Services department looks forward to offering field trips to children living in family shelters and engaging the aging population.

Want to learn more about the African American Arts & Cultural Center, see what others had to say about the project, and review the renderings? Visit the AAACC virtual engagement hub.

Posted: 2/28/2024, 3:10:56 PM