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Project overview

The Wimauma Area 1 Septic-to-Sewer and Low-Pressure Sewer System Conversion Project is part of a countywide initiative to eliminate septic tanks, provide reliable sewer service to Hillsborough County communities, and protect the quality of natural water systems. Area 1 lies in the eastern region of Wimauma. It is bounded on the east by Edina St. and on the west side by large vacant lots, Lake Wimauma, and Sheffield St. The north and south regions are bounded by large tracts of land.

A primary goal of the project is to replace aging septic systems, which are a major source of nutrient loading to groundwater systems and waterway contamination. The installation of a central sewer system is for the benefit of the environment and public health.

This project will also replace the existing low-pressure sewer systems in the project area with more reliable sewer service. The existing systems are aging and becoming more susceptible to failures, are increasingly expensive to maintain, and are unreliable during power outages.

This project will provide Wimauma Area 1 with a new wastewater collection system and a vacuum sewer pump station.

Project highlights

  • Converting customers on septic systems to Hillsborough County’s central sewer collection and treatment system (sewer service).
  • Converting customers on low-pressure sewer to a more efficient and reliable sewer system.
  • Installation of a new vacuum pump station located between 7th Street and Hillsborough Street.
  • Installing vacuum sewer system mains, vacuum sewer service laterals, and sewage force mains.

Community benefits

  • Eliminate failing septic systems
  • Reduce maintenance and odors
  • Increase property values\
  • Promote economic development
  • Improve quality of life
  • Protect the environment
Wimauma Area 1 Project Limits
Figure 3a - Wimauma Area 1 Project Limits

Project information

This project is part of the Hillsborough County Water Resources Department’s program to convert residents and businesses to a reliable, economical, and safe central sewer system.

The Wimauma Area 1 Septic-to-Sewer and Low-Pressure Sewer System Conversion Project will provide central sewer service to properties on septic systems to further the goal of eliminating on-site septic systems and will replace the existing low-pressure sewer system in the project area with a more cost-effective and reliable vacuum sewer system.

To facilitate the delivery of the project, the construction will be divided into five (5) phases as noted below and as illustrated in the following image.

Wimauma Area 1 Phases 1-5
Figure 3b. Wimauma Area 1 Phases 1-5

The phases may be further subdivided to facilitate delivery of design and construction:

  • Phase 1 – Off-site Force Main
  • Phase 2 – Vacuum Pump Station and Site
  • Phase 3 – Vacuum Sewer Collection System
  • Phase 4 – Vacuum Sewer Collection System
  • Phase 5 – Vacuum Sewer Collection System


  • Design and permitting is anticipated to be completed as follows:
    • Phase 1 – Mid 2022
    • Phase 2 – Late 2023
    • Phase 3 – Late 2023
    • Phase 4 – Late 2023
    • Phase 5 – Early 2024
  • The construction schedule for each phase is still tentative but will be communicated once it is determined
  • Connections to central sewer are anticipated to be completed in late 2027
  • If successful in getting additional funding, the schedule may be accelerated

Proposed Vacuum Sewer Pump Station

The County is proposing to construct the new vacuum sewer pump station on two county-owned lots between 7th Street and Hillsborough Street. The new pump station will include the following features:

  • The vacuum pump station facility will be secured with a fence and gate
  • The pump station includes a completely enclosed concrete-block building that houses the vacuum pumps, collection tank, sewage pumps, and control room
  • The pump station building will be furnished with noise control measures and be designed to blend in with the surrounding neighborhoods in an aesthetically pleasing manner
  • The pump station will be equipped with a dedicated odor control system to minimize any nuisance odors and a backup generator to ensure that reliable sewer service can be maintained during a power outage

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