Defining hybrid, in person, virtual, and pro forma meetings

Hillsborough County offers the public various options for official meetings from hybrid type, which includes virtual participation, all in-person, or all virtual. Most meetings and hearings will be offered as hybrid, while others will be only in-person or only virtual. Learn more about these meetings and how to participate.


What does this mean?

  • At least a quorum of the board meets in-person, and all others choose whether they want to participate/attend virtually or in-person. In some cases, the full board must attend in person, and only the public can choose how they want to attend.
  • Instructions for public participation for hybrid meetings will be listed in the calendar event, and may include virtual only participation
  • Quasi-judicial hearings -  Board members (at least a quorum) and magistrate members attend in-person, while those involved in the hearings choose whether they want to participate/attend virtually or in-person
    • If you are being sworn in and want to appear virtually at a quasi-judicial hearing, you must have a working computer or phone with a camera to participate

How can you participate?

View the calendar entry for the specific meeting to find information on how to offer public comment. In general there are several ways to sign-up:

  • If available, use the online form found on the calendar entry or the Speak at a Meeting page pertaining to the meeting you are interested in
  • If there is no form, email the meeting manager or contact to request to speak at the meeting. Let them know if you want to speak virtually or in-person, if in-person is an available option for the meeting you wish to attend
  • If in-person attendance is available, show up at the meeting and get added to the list of speakers.

For most meetings, speakers will be called on in the order they signed up.


What does this mean?

A meeting or hearing that is held at a physical location, with no virtual participation from either meeting members or audience.

How can you participate?

Attend at the physical location listed in the calendar entry. View the calendar listing for the specific meeting you wish to attend to see if there are any alternative ways to sign up.


What does this mean?

A meeting that has no physical location and is held entirely using virtual access methods for both meeting members and the public.

How can you participate?

Virtual meetings will have one of the following sign-up methods, as found on the calendar listing for the specific meeting you want to participate in:

  • Complete an online form
  • Email the meeting manager

After you sign up to participate, you will receive instructions on how to access the meeting.

Pro forma

What does this mean?

A brief meeting of a group, often only a few minutes in duration. The meeting's purpose is legally defer the meeting.

How can you participate?

  • No public can attend in-person, and there are no agenda items to discuss.
  • The public can contact the meeting manager to send in written comments or attend virtually


Contact the meeting manager or meeting contact for more information.

Last Modified: 4/10/2024, 1:19:33 PM