Driver and passenger info for vehicles for hire services

Taxis and limos are considered vehicles-for-hire services. The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners has established minimum standards of service regarding vehicle-for-hire companies in Hillsborough County. Code Enforcement Regulatory Compliance collaborates with the Tax Collector, law enforcement, and citizen groups to promote safe service.

Know your rights

Passengers should:

  • Make sure the vehicle has a permit. There must be a decal and/or license number on the rear exterior on the driver’s side and another on the front window on the passenger’s side
  • Make sure the driver has a public vehicle driver’s license (PVDL). The driver should have the PVDL readily visible while driving or on duty as a driver. The PVDL will have the driver’s picture and registration number, and it must be presented upon request
  • Ensure the driver only charges approved rates, as per BOCC Resolution

Passengers have a right to:

  • Be transported without fear or refusal
  • Obtain a receipt upon request that contains the certificate holder (business) name, the vehicle number, date, driver name, and the total cost of the fare

Drivers MUST:

  • Maintain a current PVDL
  • Operate a vehicle only if the vehicle has a valid permit
  • Provide quality service to passengers and never use abusive language or be discourteous
  • Maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance while on duty
  • Operate the vehicle in a clean and orderly manner at all times
  • Operate the vehicle’s air conditioner at the passenger’s request, if not already operating
  • Use the shortest possible route (time or distance) to the passenger’s destination, unless a specific route is requested by the passenger
  • Accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards as forms of payment for transportation of passengers
  • Not smoke cigarettes, cigars, or other devices while a passenger is in the vehicle
  • Not use a cellphone or other electronic device, with the exception of a GPS/navigational system and a taximeter, other than in hands-free mode, while driving the vehicle with a passenger
  • Not transport any child 5 years of age or younger unless the child’s parent or guardian provides for the protection of the child during transport
  • Not refuse to transport an individual with a disability because they are accompanied by a service animal or refuse to transport a service animal accompanying an individual with a disability


Complaints can be filed electronically using the link below. Provide documentation (such as receipts) and the following information:

  • Amount of payment
  • Details about what happened
  • Vehicle description (color, company, and permit number or license plate)
  • Driver description and name, if possible
  • How the ride was requested (online, by phone, or on the street)

For best results, be as specific as possible regarding your experience and offer evidence to support your claim.

Report a driver who:

  • Is not licensed
  • Is reckless or unsafe
  • Overcharges
  • Refuses service 

Report a vehicle that:

  • Is unsafe/has broken equipment
  • Is unsanitary

Report a Complaint


  • The Florida Legislature repealed the state law regulating taxis, limos, and other vehicles-for-hire in Hillsborough County. The Public Transportation Commission (PTC), which previously regulated these companies, is now closed.

Regulatory compliance

Under the County’s ordinance, Code Enforcement Regulatory Compliance performs the following functions:

  • Receives and reviews all complaints of ordinance violations
  • Evaluates and investigates complaints received and takes action(s) deemed appropriate as provided for by the ordinance
  • May request additional information from the complainant for purposes of processing the complaint and/or investigate potential violations regardless of the absence of a written or verbal complaint
  • Makes periodic physical inspections of vehicles-for-hire to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the ordinance
  • Inspects the records of certificate holders and/or owners of vehicles-for-hire at their respective place of business during regular business hours
  • Enforces provisions of the ordinance
  • Provides written notice, with proof of delivery, of the suspension or revocation of certificates, permits, and public vehicle driver’s licenses, specifying the grounds for the suspension or revocation
  • Issues citations for violations of the ordinance

Vehicle license requirements

The Hillsborough County Tax Collector is responsible for business certificates, public vehicle driver’s licenses (PVDL), and vehicle permits. Questions or concerns about the licensing process can be addressed with the Tax Collector by calling (813) 635-5200.


For more information about companies offering vehicle-for-hire services email or call (813) 272-7400, ext. 36004.


Read the Hillsborough County Vehicle-for-Hire Ordinance.

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