Hillsborough County maps and surveys

Maps & surveys

Maps and tools to help users find information about land, zoning hearings, building activities and more from around the County.

Hillsborough County map viewer

  • The Map Viewer allows you to find parcels and determine what government regulations and services apply to a property. You can generate reports for information on: zoning, flood zone information, future land use, and other Hillsborough County related information.
  • Navigation and user instructions
  • Map viewer

Public hearing information

  • This map contains information about upcoming hearings regarding applications for rezoning, variances, and special use permits
  • Public hearing information map

Building construction activity viewer

Site & Subdivision project viewer

Vertical control mark & plat benchmark data sheets

Survey and mapping manual

  • Manual to establish survey standards for Hillsborough County. It covers policies, procedures, and appropriate reference material.
  • Survey & Mapping Manual (PDF)

Survey & mapping miscellaneous surveys


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Except for the "Beatty Files" linked above, Hillsborough County's Survey & Mapping Section does not have private property surveys on file. 

Impact fee zones

Impact Fee Information 

Online permitting reports

Other reports

Financial and mandated reports.

Building Services Monthly Financial Reports

Development Services Mandated Reports

  • Required reports of yearly disclosure of funds utilization whenever any adjustments to fees
  • Mandated Reports Page

Planning & zoning

Review & permitting

Transportation & resources

Wellhead protection areas

Windborne debris maps

Get parcel information by entering your address

See Map Viewer

Useful documents

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