Building address requirements, Florida building code, Hillsborough County construction code

Hillsborough County Building Services provides complete permitting services, from the application, review and issuance of site and structural permits, through inspections and certificates of occupancy. It reviews eight major areas for the construction industry: building, electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing, land use, zoning and flood damage control. 

It also conducts field inspections to ensure compliance with building codes, land development codes and various other regulations. This service area also licenses contractors to work in unincorporated Hillsborough County. Additionally, it investigates complaints regarding construction activity to determine compliance with Hillsborough County ordinances and building codes.

  • Building Address Requirements
    Ordinance 87-6 (amended by 89-5) requires all buildings in Hillsborough County are required to have an address number posted on the front facade of the building, or on a separate structure such as a mailbox, post or other visible structure. The numerals used shall be of a contrasting color than that of the structure upon which they are posted, made of a durable weather resistant material, permanently affixed, and shall be clearly visible and legible from the public or private right of way on which the building fronts.
  • Florida Building Code
    The Florida Building Code is based on national model building codes and national consensus standards which are amended where necessary for Florida’s specific needs. The code incorporates all building construction-regulated regulations for public and private buildings in the State of Florida other than those specifically exempted by Section 553.73, Florida Statutes. It has been harmonized with the Florida Fire Prevention Code, which is developed and maintained by the Department of Financial Services, Office of the State Fire Marshal, to establish unified and consistent standards.
  • Hillsborough County Construction Code
    This ordinance establishes a construction code for Hillsborough County, incorporating the regulatory implementation of the National Flood Insurance Program, the 2014 Florida Building Code and all Appendices; and an administrative section; providing power, duties, and operating procedures for Hillsborough County Building and Construction Services. 
  • Land Development Code
    This code is a collection of Ordinances which defines Hillsborough County’s zoning designations and land uses. The Hillsborough County Land Development Code (LDC) includes zoning, site development, and subdivision regulations. The intent of the LDC is to promote and preserve public health, safety, and welfare.


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