Requirements for structural design criteria for residential single-family addition construction projects

Structural design criteria requirements

  • In order to determine if the building or structure is located in a windborne debris area that requires additional protection of all openings (windows, doors, skylights, etc.), the building or structure’s Risk Category (I, II, III or IV) and design wind speed of 140mph or greater must first be determined
  • Building codes under which project was designed
  • Wind speed 3 sec gusts or fastest mile speed in mph
  • Roof live/dead loads
  • Floor live/dead loads
  • Wind importance factor and building category
  • Internal pressure coefficient
  • Components and cladding references which include the design wind pressure in PSF to be used for the design of the exterior, and component and cladding materials along with the exposure type per FBC Residential Code
  • For the structural design of residential Intermodal Shipping Containers, view the ISC Sufficiency Guidelines.
Last Modified: 3/6/2024, 4:42:00 PM