Requirements for floor plans for residential single-family addition construction projects

Floor plan requirements

These items need to be included:

  • Drawn to scale (min. 1/8” = 1’- 0”), providing sufficient clarity and detail to indicate nature and scope of work
  • Size and arrangement of all rooms with intended use for each room
  • All plumbing fixture locations
  • One-bathroom door (29-inch clear opening) at first floor full bath per FBC Residential Code
  • Room dimensions and ceiling heights
  • Attic access (minimum 22” x 30”)
  • Location of air handler
  • Location of fireplace(s)
  • All hazardous glazing locations identified or hazardous glazing notation per FBC Residential Code
  • Location of all interior bearing walls and columns
  • All header/lintel sizes, types, and locations
  • Provide door and window schedule
  • Garage to habitable space separation noted
  • Appliances in attic must indicate air handler location per FBC Mechanical Code
  • Location of shear walls
  • Total square footage of each floor, living area, covered porch, entry, lanai, garage
  • Egress: emergency window size/location and stair details
  • Electrical: smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detector locations
  • Product approval table to include product manufacturer, category, subcategory, approval number and expiration date
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