Resources for obtaining a contractor license

In Hillsborough County, to perform construction-related work regulated by the State of Florida you must have a contractor license. The contractor license has to be issued by the State of Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) or Hillsborough County.

State certified license holders

To register a State Certified license, please see page 5 of the Create Contractor License Applications User Guide. There are no fees associated with registering a license in Hillsborough County.

  • To maintain your County registration, workers' compensation information and state expiration should remain current. To update:
  • State Certified contractors are no longer issued a Certificate of Competency card
  • State Certified contractors are not required to have the Hillsborough County bond 

Journeyman Electrician/Journeyman Plumber

Local specialty & state registered licensure

Hillsborough County accepts applications for the licenses below:

  • State Registered – all types
  • Local Specialty:
    • Aluminum Structure
    • Demolition
    • Drywall
    • Glass & Glazing
    • Irrigation
    • Marine Contractor
  • Fees to apply and register
    • $50 to initialize application
    • $230 balance due at time of application acceptance
    • $140 State Registered one-time registration fee (renewal fees not required)
    • $140 Local Specialty registration/renewal fee (due every 2 years)

Visit the Apply for a Hillsborough County Contractor License to find information on fees and instructions on How to apply, as well as resources.

For additional information, refer to the Contractor Licensing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and .


  • Incoming reciprocity letters must include:
    • Sponsoring jurisdiction letterhead
    • Exam scores of 75% or higher
    • Exam dates
    • Exam types
    • Exam agency
    • Applicant’s current standing in sponsoring jurisdiction
  • For a Letter of Reciprocity from Hillsborough County:

Complete License Verification in HillsGovHub and submit a Letter of Reciprocity Request per instruction below.
Please Note: You must have the receiving jurisdiction’s email address for this process

  1. Login HillsGovHub
  2. Select New from left side menu
  3. Select Contractor License Application
  4. Review terms & select Continue Application
  5. Select Contractor License next to the tringle to expand or type “letter” in the search box
  6. Select Letter of Reciprocity Request & select Continue Application
  7. Enter License Number
  8. Continue and complete application


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