Hillsborough County's Diversity Compliance reporting system

Payments to Prime contractors that have an active contract with the County, with minority goals attached to it, will be uploaded into the B2G Now Contract Compliance System on a monthly basis. Primes and subcontractors can see their paid-to-date values on these contracts by logging into the system.

All Primes and subcontractors that currently have a contract in the Vendor Compliance System have at least one person in their agency whose contact information is already in place. You may have an unlimited number of contacts for your company, so we encourage you to add as many contacts as you need.

Log in monthly

Both Prime and Subcontractors must log into the Diversity Compliance System monthly and verify payments. You will receive automated emails from the system reminding you when to log in. You can complete this quick process in a few clicks.

Need help?

Email hillsboroughcounty@diversitycompliance.com if you need assistance accessing your account.

Training resources

Last Modified: 1/24/2024, 11:09:57 AM

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