Requests by nonprofit groups to use County real estate on a long-term basis

Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners policy governs requests by nonprofit groups to use County real estate on a long-term basis (greater than 30 days). Factors affecting decisions to lease space to nonprofit agencies include submittal of a business plan, availability of space, finding a sponsoring County department, and the overall benefit the arrangement would bring to the residents of Hillsborough County.

How it works

A nonprofit agency that wants to lease County-owned real estate should identify as a sponsor a County department or agency that would otherwise provide or benefit from the delivery of the nonprofit agency's services. The nonprofit agency and the Sponsoring Department must be able to demonstrate that the agency’s services support a core County purpose and provide cost savings for the County in the delivery of services. The nonprofit will work through the Sponsoring Department to submit a request to the County's Space Manager for further review and processing.

The nonprofit requesting consideration for the lease of County-owned real estate will be required to submit a Business Plan to the Sponsoring Department.

All requests to lease County-owned real estate will be evaluated by a County Review Committee comprised of staff from the Sponsoring Department, the associated Fiscal Services team, the County Properties Section, Facilities Management Services Department, the County Attorney's Office, and the Business & Support Services Department.

The Review Committee will evaluate the business plan, consider the services provided and the relative benefit to the County, alignment of the nonprofit’s mission with the County's mission, the financial health of the nonprofit organization, current availability of County-owned space, and appropriateness of the desired location.

How to

The nonprofit requesting consideration for the lease of County-owned real estate must first secure a Sponsoring Department.

Then submit a Business Plan to their Sponsoring Department. The Business Plan will include a discussion of how the agency proposes to meet annual operating and maintenance cost requirements, and the agency's anticipated ability to meet ongoing cost commitments at various revenue levels. It should identify any other anticipated funding sources and the estimated amount from each source.

The Business Plan format will include the following:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Executive Summary outlining the nonprofit's estimated space needs, desired location, renovation requirements, name of Sponsoring Department/agency, and departmental/agency point of contact
  3. Organization Profile (services, clients, organization chart, etc.), as well as copies of organization's Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, Certificate of Incorporation from the Secretary of State, 501 (c)(3) status or similar IRS status documentation, and organizational points of contact
  4. Community Need for services, population served (including location and density), and benefit to the County
  5. Scope of Services that shall be provided in County facilities, including citizens served
  6. Demonstrate that services support a core County service and are not provided by others
  7. Program Goals and Objectives that are measurable
  8. Evaluation Plan for assessing accomplishment of goals and objectives throughout the term of the lease to ensure the continued benefit of the services
  9. Leverage of Other Funds and space, highlighting reason for needing space, alternatives to leasing County space and reasons why they are not feasible
  10. Financial Capabilities including audited financial statements for most recent two (2) years and cost avoidance benefit to the County
  11. Budget Information outlining operating budget for the initial term of three (3) years while also accounting for costs to lease County space

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