Managing mosquito populations to protect public health and welfare

Hillsborough County manages mosquito populations to protect public health and welfare. Our primary strategies of population control are to eliminate breeding habitat (areas of standing, stagnant water) and reduce mosquito development through larval control.

If adult mosquito populations pose a significant public nuisance or when control measures are needed to rapidly disrupt or terminate the transmission of disease to humans, the County may use insecticides that target adult mosquitoes (adulticide) in and around areas where surveillance data demonstrates an increase in mosquito populations.

Where are we spraying?

Hillsborough County sprays by ground and air to manage adult mosquito populations. Information provided in the map below is for both planned and recently completed (during past 28 days) treatments.

Mosquito spray notifications

Hillsborough County Mosquito Management Services offers a notification service via email prior to most nighttime applications of adulticides. Sign up on the Mosquito Spray Notifications page so you will know when we are spraying in your area to help protect your bees.

View Mosquito Spraying Map

Report issues

To report a mosquito issue and request an inspection of your property or neighborhood, visit the page.

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