Written accounts, photographs, and videos from veterans reflecting on their experiences in uniform

Displays at Veterans Memorial Park & Museum inspire reflection on the sacrifices of men and women who served the United States in times of conflict, and of their families and friends at home.

The Hillsborough County parcel on U.S. 301, beside the Tampa Bypass Canal, features statues and tributes, including those that commemorate past and current warriors from the Seminole Wars through the War in Afghanistan. Each exhibit honors those who set aside families, careers, and dreams to do their part.

The park's displays tell part of the story. Participants in the campaigns, whether serving overseas or stateside, have their own recollections of America's wars.

In this presentation, we introduce soldiers, sailors, and airmen from some of the conflicts. In coming months, more Veterans from Hillsborough County will appear in this virtual tribute of written accounts, photographs, and videos, to tell about their experiences in uniform, and to reflect.

Veterans Memorial Park and Museum map
Veterans Memorial Park and Museum map

Aerial video of memorials

Veteran's stories

Read stories and watch videos from local Veterans who served in WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Iraq War.

Hillsborough County Veteran's Stories
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