Information on the Hillsborough County Trauma Agency Coalition (TAC), system plans and protocols

Trauma Agency Coalition (TAC)

The TAC is an integral part of the Trauma Agency. As a coalition of trauma system stakeholders, partners, professionals, and interested public or healthcare community members, the TAC assists the Trauma Agency in performing its tasks authorized under the Trauma System Plan, and it provides a forum for collaboration and support in an inclusive trauma system. The Trauma Agency and TAC engage in:

  • Development of plans, protocols, and policies
  • Data collection regarding system operation and patient outcome
  • Performance evaluations and quality improvement efforts
  • Public information and education
  • Coordination and integration efforts between trauma centers and other hospitals
  • Collaboration on current practices and new developments
  • Studies, reports, and professional research projects
  • Injury prevention activities

See list of TAC stakeholders and partners

For more information regarding the TAC, its meetings, and activities, please contact the Trauma Agency.

Trauma system plans

Trauma protocols

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