Meet hundreds of dogs and take home your new best friend, at no cost!

Pet shelters across the nation have been particularly overcrowded in the last couple of years, with more pets coming in than are being adopted out. An upcoming adoption event in Hillsborough County will help homeless dogs find their humans.

The Mega Adoption event will take place at the Strawberry Festival grounds in Plant City, May 17-19. The event will run 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. all three days. The Mega Adoption will be held at the Grimes Family Agricultural Center, 2508 W. Oak Ave., Plant City, FL 33563.

Nine different shelters from across Florida will have dogs available for adoption. All pups will be vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. To make it even easier to bring home a new buddy, all adoption fees will be waived.

Don't shop, adopt

When you adopt a dog, you aren't just getting a new bestie, you're also saving lives. The pup you take home is being saved from a life behind kennel bars. However, you're also alleviating overcrowding at an animal shelter and freeing up kennel space for another dog in need.

The Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center is currently at 140 percent of capacity for dogs, with some pups having been at the shelter for more than 100 days. Dogs that spend excessive time in shelters are at risk of developing fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS). Adopting or fostering shelter dogs can help alleviate depression in these animals.

Monica and Walt Short of Plant City attended the Mega Adoption event last May. They had four boxers over the years. With all of them having passed, the Shorts decided it was time to welcome a new dog into their lives.

"You can pay a thousand dollars for a dog if you want to. But these dogs need a home and would be happy to get a home," said Monica, referring to the hundreds of dogs available for adoption.

Walt also weighed in: "Dogs give me comfort." He went on to explain his reasons for having furry best friends: "Dogs want to find you and love you. No matter what you do, dogs are going to love you. They're just marvelous."

Plenty of pups for everyone

If you can't make it to the Mega Adoption event in Plant City, there are still many dogs - and cats - available for adoption at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center (PRC). Animals are available to adopt, foster, or take home on a trial basis known as pawdition.

Please note that dogs will not be available for adoption at the PRC while the Mega Adoption event is taking place May 17-19. However, cats can still be adopted from the PRC during the weekend of the Mega Adoption event.

For more information about adopting, fostering, or pawditioning, contact the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center at (813) 301-7387 or

Image Caption: Dogs and potential adopters connected at last year's Mega Adoption event in Plant City, FL.
Posted: 5/3/2024, 5:00:52 PM