Learn how to Protect Yourself from a Tornado Threat

Tornadoes can cut across Hillsborough County with little to no warning. These violent whirlwinds can form over land or water, and wind speeds can reach over 200 mph. This is what makes them so deadly.

During a tornado, go to an interior room without windows, and if possible, the lowest floor of the building.

Have a device to receive weather alerts and to stay up to date on tornado watches and warnings. Sign up for HCFL Alert, which will notify you about dangerous weather and other emergencies in our area.

Signs of a tornado:

  • A rotating, funnel-like cloud
  • An approaching cloud of debris
  • A loud roar like a freight train

Stay safe during a tornado:

  • Go to a safe location, clear of windows
  • Protect yourself by covering your head and neck with your arms, and cover your body with furniture or blankets
  • Do not try to outrun a tornado or seek cover in a vehicle

After a tornado:

  • Pay attention to the County's emergency notification system, HCFL Alert, local authorities, and NOAA Weather Radio updated information
  • Stay clear of downed power or utility lines
  • During clean up, wear appropriate, protective gear

Sign up for alerts and Stay Safe

To stay updated on severe weather events, sign up for HCFL Alert, Hillsborough County's emergency notification system.

Visit HCFL.gov/StaySafe to find out what we are monitoring, if we have issued any evacuation orders, and other information you need during emergency events, including severe weather.