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  • Hillsborough County Unique Entity ID (UEI) PGWKT576NH72
  • Hillsborough County CAGE code: 3JLR6
  • Hillsborough County EIN: 59-6000661

Hillsborough County Congressional Districts: 

  • 14th - Rep. Kathy Castor (covers County Center)
  • 15th - Rep. Laurel Lee
  • 16th - Rep. Vern Buchanan

Hillsborough County United States Senators:

  • Senator Marco Rubio
  • Senator Rick Scott

Federal System For Award Management (S.A.M.) Registration Status Memo

Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR)

The County Administrator or his or her designee is Hillsborough County's Authorized Organizational Representative. Any designee must have written delegation of authority.

The AOR has the authority to sign grant applications and the required certifications and representations that are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the application process.

County government

The County is governed by a seven-member elected Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), four of whom represent single-member districts, and three who are chosen countywide.

A Home Rule Charter for Hillsborough County was approved by voters in a countywide referendum held in September 1983, and the first County Commissioners elected under this new charter took office on May 28, 1985. The Home Rule Charter divides the power of county government between legislative and executive branches.

The Board of County Commissioners, which composes the legislative branch, sets overall policy by means of ordinances, resolutions and motions.

The executive powers of county government are vested in the County Administrator, appointed by County Commissioners and charged by the charter to faithfully implement the powers of the Board.

The charter contains a provision for a Charter Review Board appointed by County Commissioners every five years to conduct a study of county government and propose amendments to the charter. These amendments must be presented to voters for approval.

Constitutional officers

Along with the elected Board of County Commissioners, the business of the County is accomplished through autonomously elected officials:

  • Clerk of the Court
  • Property Appraiser
  • Tax Collector
  • Supervisor of Elections
  • County Sheriff

For a complete list of elected officials whom represent Hillsborough County, visit the Supervisor of Elections office holder page.

About the County

Located midway along the west coast of Florida, Hillsborough County has 1,048 square miles of land and 24 square miles of inland water area for a total of 1,072 square miles.

The unincorporated area encompasses 909 square miles, or more than 84 percent of the total county area.

Incorporated cities are Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City. Tampa is the largest city and serves as the county seat. Municipalities account for 163 square miles.

Fully grounded in a rich history, yet embracing all the opportunities of the digital age, the County's boundaries embrace a modern skyline, major tourist destinations, world-class entertainment venues, a nationally-recognized airport, one of the largest shipping ports in the country, major educational institutions, a bustling agricultural industry, professional sports teams, and more.

A wide range of lifestyles offers residents the ability to live in high-energy urban environments, suburban planned communities, or rural landscapes. National and international events - including multiple Super Bowls, NCAA competitions, the Republican National Convention, International Film events, etc. - bring global attention and many visitors to our doorstep.

Within an hour's drive of the County's boundaries are nationally-ranked beaches and Central Florida attractions that are known around the world. People of all ages from all walks of life, and companies representing a vast array of industries, choose to make Hillsborough County their home because of the area's abundant amenities and wide range of business, cultural, recreational and educational opportunities.

It is within this framework that Hillsborough County government excels in meeting the needs of residents and businesses given the challenges of providing a wide range of services. In the unincorporated area, the County provides over 800,000 residents with municipal-type services such as fire and emergency rescue response, construction industry permitting, water and wastewater service, solid waste collection and disposal, recreational services, economic development programs, code enforcement, and construction and maintenance of vital infrastructure such as roads and government buildings.

Among the services provided to over 1.5 million residents countywide, including the three municipalities of Tampa, Plant City and Temple Terrace, are libraries, animal control, and social services for children, seniors and low-income residents.

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