United States House of Representatives for the State of Florida contact and committee information

District 14 - Kathy Castor (D)


  • Committee on Energy and Commerce (Ranking Member)
    • Energy, Climate, and Grid Security (Subcommittee)
    • Innovation, Data, and Commerce (Subcommittee)
    • Oversight and Investigations(Subcommittee)
  • Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party

District 15 - Laurel Lee (R)


  • Committee on House Administration
    • Elections (Chair)
  • Committee on Homeland Security
    • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection (Subcommittee)
    • Transportation and Maritime Security (Subcommittee)
  • Committee on the Judiciary
    • Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet (Subcommittee)
    • Crime and Federal Government Surveillance (Subcommittee)
    • Responsiveness and Accountability to Oversight (Subcommittee)

District 16 - Vern Buchanan (R)


  • Committee on Ways and Means
    • Health (Chair)
    • Trade (Subcommittee)
  • Joint Committee on Taxation

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