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Obsolete, repealed, rescinded, and superseded policies

The following policies are no longer in effect and the documents for them are not available online. If you need a copy of one or more of the following policies email.

  • - Continuance of land use hearings (Repealed and has been combined with Board Policy; Rules of Order)
  • - Policy for citizens appointments to boards - (obsolete and has been combined with for a new board policy. See
  • - Superseded by
  • - Replaced by
  • - Purchasing card program - (Rescinded and has been addressed in Board Policy; Procurement Policy)
  • - (Rescinded) Relating to affordable housing relief from mobility fees. Approval of this item would result in the elimination of County expenditures on mobility fees for affordable housing projects
  • (Obsolete - Effective February 18, 2004). Please see board policy # for fees. - revised fee schedule - development review department
  • (Obsolete -Effective September 18th, 2013. This 1991 Board Policy has been superseded by current Solid Waste Rate Resolution IN EFFECT)
  • - Fee Schedule - Hillsborough County Emergency Medical Services (Obsolete has been replaced by Resolution 15-159)
  • - Ten Year Commitment for Transportation Funding (Rescinded 12/8/21)
  • - (Rescinded) Excess Proceeds from Surplus Real Property Sales For Affordable Housing Purposes
  • - Rescinded
  • - Repealed on July 19, 2017 - Board of County Commissioners - Insurance committee organization and responsibilities

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