Meeting of the Hospital Authority Board

Unless otherwise noticed, this board meets quarterly on the fourth Monday at 9 AM.

The meetings are typically scheduled for hybrid format (participation both in-person and virtually), but may also be held virtually only or in-person only. The Hospital Authority requires the full board to be in-person for hybrid meetings. Please see individual dates for the meeting format.

Hospital Authority Board Information

Live public access and comments

Virtual and hybrid meetings

  • Sign up to participate virtually, in writing, or if you want virtual live viewing access only by sending an email to the meeting contact listed below.
    • Include your name, phone number, and whether you will be participating virtually, providing written comment, or if you would just like live view access
  • You will be called on in the order that you have signed up
  • For hybrid meetings, you can also sign up in-person when you arrive for the meeting

In-person only meetings

  • Sign up to speak when you arrive for the meeting at the location listed

Archived meeting materials

Find the past year of meeting materials here. For any meeting materials older than one year, email the meeting coordinator.

Hospital Authority Archived Meeting Materials
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Hospital Authority Board
Lisa J. Montelione - Meeting Coordinator
(813) 274-6936
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