A process to consider the waiver or refund of certain types of land use or development review application fees

This process does not include impact fees and utility capacity fees.

Requests for fee waivers may be considered when necessitated due to financial hardship, staff error, or in cases of emergency or catastrophe.


View a list of zoning fees

Things to consider

  • You need to meet all requirements listed on the submittal checklist
  • We will not accept incomplete applications 

How to

  1. Download the application for a complete list of requirements
  2. Submit your completed application to

What's next

Our staff will review your application. If it meets the criteria for approval, we will approve it. If it does not, your application will be sent to the Land Use Hearing Officer (LUHO) for a decision.


Get help

Email: zoningintake-dsd@hcfl.gov
Phone: (813) 272-5600

Last Modified: 2/5/2024, 3:49:21 PM

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