How to schedule a virtual inspection

You can save time by completing your inspection virtually. Clients now have the option to complete certain inspections entirely online, without waiting for an in-person inspector. View the checklist of requirements for your inspections below.

How to schedule a virtual inspection

Schedule your virtual inspection in the HillsGovHub portal.

Choose from one of the following inspection types:

  • VRT-BLD-Final : Necessary for Window & Door Replacement, Garage Door Replacement
  • VRT-ELE-Rough-In: Necessary Solar PVS
  • VRT-ELE-Final: Necessary for AC Changeout, Water Heater Replacement, Electric Service Repair, PVS or Changeout
  • VRT-MEC-Final: Necessary for AC Changeout,
  • VRT-PLB-Final: Necessary for Water Heater Replacement, Plumbing Repipe
  • VRT-ROF-Dry-In: Necessary for Re-roof or Roof mitigation Form
  • VRT-ROF-Final: Necessary for Re-roof
  1. Gather all required imagery as noted in the appropriate checklist below
    • Ensure your files are labeled with the permit number and what checklist item is shown
    • Files must be one of the following file thpes: mpeg, mp4, avi, mov, jpeg or pdf
    • Videos resolution must be at least 700p
    • Photo resolution must be at least 300dpi
  2. If you are no longer logged in after scheduling the inspection, log back in to the HillsGovHub portal
  3. Upload and submit your documents. Be sure to select the appropriate Virtual Inspection document type for each document uploaded.

For questions and assistance, please email or call (813) 641-6970

Virtual inspection checklist

These checklists list the various inspections that can be conducted virtually and all requirements.

Virtual Inspections Checklist
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