List of committee members and how to receive a product review

Water Resources Product Review committee members


Represented Section/Team

PRC Function

Luke Mulford

WRD Utility Design Section


Brian Lewis

WRD Utility Design Section

Technical Review Officer TRO

Garven Dabady

WRD Utility Planning Section

Voting Member

Christopher Jones

WRD Infrastructure Maintenance Division

Voting Member

Sureshdath Maharaj

WRD South/Central Field Maintenance Section

Voting Member

David Hutchinson

WRD Pump Station Maintenance Section

Voting Member

Richard Harrison

Capital Improvement Program Section

Voting Member

Product reviews

If you are interested in having your product added to Appendix B of the Water, Wastewater, and Reclaimed Water Technical Specifications for use in our potable, reclaimed, and wastewater systems, you must complete a product submittal package and submit it for review by the  product review committee (PRC). We must approve a product prior to bid advertisement in order for it to be eligible for consideration for that bid.

Our standardized format and procedures described below will increase review speed and efficiency, while guaranteeing consistency.

Table of contents

  • Download the Table of Contents (TOC) for your submittal package
  • Incorporate the individual section dividers into your package and follow its format
  • You must do this correctly to accurately process your product
  • Incorrect formatting on submittals may delay, or even disqualify your product review

This file is provided for you to import (or copy) the information for your submittal into the appropriate sections of the TOC pages. Adobe Acrobat Professional, Kinko's, and Pro-Copy are examples of tools and services that you may use to accomplish this task.

Procedure guidelines

  • Procedure guidelines provides information that will outline the process of PRC product submittal
  • Thoroughly read this document to help minimize delays
  • You must complete all TOC sections in the proper format before the PRC process can begin
  • Missing information will delay or disqualify your submittal
  • Your product submittal reflects on the integrity and professionalism of the company backing the product

Submitting the package

  • Submit your product submittal package as a single PDF electronic file
  • Email it to
  • Use the following email subject line format:
    • [Manufacturers Name] – [Product Name] – [Subject]
  • There is a 5 MB e-mail limit for all e-mails
  • If your submittal is greater than 5 MB, you can:
    • Send it in section by section
    • Send a CD or thumb drive
    • Make arrangement with the Technical Review Officer (TRO) for a different submittal process
  • All product communication will be done through the TRO:
    PRC- Technical Review Officer

PRC meetings

The PRC schedules quarterly meetings. The meetings are held as hybrid with voting committee members attending in person while technical representatives can attend virtually. These meetings may be delayed, postponed or cancelled depending on workload, product information availability or other factors. For information on accessing the meeting, or to submit a written comment, email Brian Lewis.

Dates for this calendar year are provided below.

Thursday March 21, 2024, 2:00 PM

Thursday June 27, 2024, 2:00 PM

Thursday September 19, 2024, 2:00 PM

Thursday December 19, 2024, 2:00 PM

Important Note: It is necessary to have all information submitted at least 12 - 18 weeks before the dates of the meetings.

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