Addressing opportunities within the unincorporated County

The Hillsborough County Redevelopment Incentives for Pilot Project Areas program was created to address opportunities within the unincorporated County that enhance the development and uses of areas that are traditionally seen as declining in value or are underutilized relative to their location and existing built infrastructure.

The program targets four specific pilot project areas with the initial objectives focusing on job creation efforts through encouraging investment in office and industrial development for infill and redevelopment of obsolete structures.

The primary objective of the program is to draw out and encourage private sector investment in sites and buildings that will encourage retention and attraction of businesses and jobs for our community.

Redevelopment projects receiving incentives under this program should work in concert with other community programs and infrastructure improvements, be compatible with the unique character of each area, and contribute to the economic prosperity of the community and the County.

Redevelopment incentives include:

  • Expedited Site Development and Construction Plan Review Program
  • Permit and Impact Fee Grant Program
  • Demolition of Distressed Structures Program
  • Infrastructure Assistance Program
  • Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation Program
  • Building Exterior Improvement Program
  • Building Interior Improvement Program
  • Catalyst Project Incentive Program
  • Small Business Façade Program

Program documents and resources

For more information email Eric Lindstrom, Manager of Competitive Sites and Redevelopment or call (813) 276-2747 or email Eric Lavina, Sr. Redevelopment Sites Analyst or call (813) 272-9514.

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