Tips to make the invoicing process easier and help avoid delays in payment processing

Four ways you can help when invoicing the County

From including everything necessary on your invoice to signing up for direct deposit to get paid, these tips will make the payment process go smoother.

Eleven elements for your invoice

Include these eleven elements on your invoices (missing even one will delay payment processing)

  1. Billed to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), Hillsborough County, Florida
  2. County department name receiving the goods and/or services
  3. Your business name and address
  4. Your business Tax Identification Number
  5. Your business "Remit To" address
  6. Invoice date
  7. Invoice number
  8. Valid County purchase order number
  9. Description of goods/services purchased, to include quantity of goods and/or hours of work performed
  10. Correct unit pricing (not to exceed four decimal places), extended price, and total amount due
  11. Shipping date or date of service

Have a P.O.

Make sure you have a purchase order before providing goods or services (we cannot pay you otherwise).

Email to the right place

Email your invoices - and only your invoices (no statements or other correspondence) - to You may copy a County department but please send only one invoice per email.

Get paid sooner

Be paid up to one week sooner by signing up for direct deposit versus check payments. Fill out the direct deposit authorization form to start receiving payments via ACH directly to your designated bank account.

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