Stories of daring acts, dedication to service, and cutting-edge innovation highlight fire department’s golden anniversary

In the 50 years since its founding, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue’s firefighters, paramedics, and support staff have forged a legacy that would be the envy of any league of superheroes. From harrowing rescues on the edge of disaster, to stories of selfless sacrifice and bravery in the face of impossible odds, to the development of high-tech gear and – of course – big trucks, each station has a tale to tell.

To celebrate Hillsborough County Fire Rescue’s 50th Anniversary, those stories will now be brought to light. Hillsborough County is compiling 50 stories that will be collected on this new page over the coming year, highlighting the courageous work done by the brave men and women who have served this county for the past 50 years and beyond.

Some of these stories will be an intimate look at how HCFR worked a specific fire or a daring rescue, and others will focus on the rich history and features of Hillsborough’s fast-growing department or even interesting details about a special apparatus

All of the stories will be connected to one of HCFR’s 46 fire stations, or other vital services under Fire Rescue, like Emergency Dispatch.

The stories will be posted throughout HCFR’s 50th year so you won’t see every station quite yet. Come back every week and look for more tales of bravery and honor to celebrate Fire Rescue’s golden anniversary.

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Station 7 – Super Strength Saves a Trapped Boy

Station 9 – ChampaBay's Fire Truck

Station 10 – Rescuing the Captain in the Stairwell

Station 11 - A Rescue in 90 Seconds

Station 13 – Firefighter Fan Rescues a Favorite DJ

Station 14 – Running Toward the Smoke

Station 15 – The Biggest Funeral and the Smallest Funeral

Station 18 – Badge 2000

Station 21 – Hillsborough's Trailblazer

Station 28 – Public Art as a Tribute

Station 40 – The Long Road to a Rescue Reunion

Station 46 – The Architecture of Crew Safety

Image Caption: Hillsborough County firefighters training on extricator equipment.
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