Imagination, movements, and laughter combine to help seniors stretch beyond their limits

Everyone has heard the old adage: Laughter is the best medicine. The benefits of laughter to mental and physical health have long been documented. Now, in a partnership with Empath Health, older residents attending the Hillsborough County Senior Centers can find out for themselves in the Laughter Yoga class.

Imagination and laughter

Led by a certified Laughter Wellness instructor from Empath Health, seniors use their imagination to take a virtual trip while remaining in a seated position.

The instructor guides participants through a series of stretches and movements that mimic those needed to prepare for their journey. Taking a suitcase off the shelf, folding and packing clothes, driving to the airport, boarding the plane, and engaging in activities at their virtual destination.

It gets seniors moving their arms, legs, and torsos, all while remaining seated.

Ho-Ho, Ha-Ha, He-He

On cue from the instructor, students belt out "Ho-Ho, Ha-Ha, He-He" throughout the session. The chant creates a contagious laughter among the class, and an exhilarating and enthusiastic atmosphere. The laughter provides a social connection between class participants.

Reduce stress and release endorphins

Laughter yoga provides mood elevation by releasing endorphins in the body, and it can improve health by reducing stress and strengthening the immune system. There's also a brain boost because laughter exercises increase net supply of oxygen to the body and brain, which helps improve efficiency and performance.

Learn more

To learn more about where you can find Laughter Yoga at Hillsborough County's Senior Centers, call (813) 272-5250, or reach out to Empath Health by emailing or calling (727) 467-7423.

Last Modified: 1/9/2024, 8:54:39 PM

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