Get ready with Hillsborough County's Online Disaster Guide

It's mid-May, which means hurricane season begins in two short weeks. And this time of the year, hurricane information is coming fast, and from multiple outlets. Who do you turn to as a trusted source?

When severe weather happens, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue's Office of Emergency Management takes the lead in disaster preparation, response, and recovery. To help residents prepare, Hillsborough County launched the online 2024 Disaster Guide in English and Spanish.

This comprehensive resource outlines how to determine your disaster risk, make a plan to stay safe, stay informed with timely information, and get involved by helping your community prepare and recover. The guide also has a disaster packing checklist, information on evacuation zones and shelters, tips to ready your business and property, and much more.

Soon, the 2024 Disaster Guide will be available in print at Hillsborough County libraries.

This hurricane season, keep the 2024 Disaster Guide close and visit Hillsborough County's Stay Safe page often to stay up to date and prepared for any storm.