Poll will help leaders adapt to changing climate for business startups

Hillsborough County, Fla. (Feb. 29, 2024) - Hillsborough County has been helping local entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses through the Entrepreneur Collaborative Center (ECC) for almost 10 years. From creating a business plan, to marketing how to's and finding the right financial partner, many well-known and loved local businesses got their start with help from the ECC.

Hillsborough's small businesses are the backbone of the community, employing about half of the working residents in the county.

Even during the difficult years of the pandemic, the ECC was there to help small businesses find financial resources and make smart decisions to maintain a strong business and to keep their employees working and able to support their families.

In this new post-pandemic climate, business owners are networking differently and generating leads in new ways, so the ECC is looking for feedback on how to best serve entrepreneurs and emerging small business pioneers of Hillsborough County.

A new survey launching on Feb. 29 seeks input from the small businesses that use the ECC to learn how the ECC can more effectively serve small businesses and facilitate growth.

The survey will help ECC leaders better communicate events and continue to grow the offerings for entrepreneurs.

Hillsborough entrepreneurs and small business owners can take the survey from Feb. 29 to March 14. A link to the survey can be found here.