The County's annual Hiking Spree season ends on March 31, so find one of the many trails to explore

As the weather begins to feel more like the spring season, there is no better time than now to lace up those hiking boots and discover your own path on a Hillsborough County hiking trail. The 2023-2024 Hiking Spree started Nov. 1, 2023, and runs through March 31, 2024. This year's Spree features new trails, new merchandise, and limited-edition rewards. The Hiking Spree Trail has all the addresses, trail names, distances, classes, and ratings for each location.

Hikers are encouraged to review the trail list and prepare to hike at least eight trails before the end of March to qualify for a limited-edition reward. Once hikers complete eight or more trails, fill out the Hiking Spree completion form, and head to a reward redemption site to snag the rewards. And don't forget, if your pup hiked with you, they get a reward too.

Can't decide on which trails to start or wrap up your Hiking Spree with? Then here is some insight into some trails to help you start trekking.

Neighborhood parks

Conejo Fitness Trail Jackson Springs Park

Enjoy a short 0.5-mile hike on the Conejo Fitness Trail, a paved and all-user-accessible trail. Mostly shaded, with benches, accessible restrooms, a playground, and picnic tables, the Conejo trail has much to offer, as you follow a loop through Jackson Springs Park. Hikers should begin their journey at the trailhead near the Recreation Center entrance.

Bluebird Fitness Trail Country Place Park East

The newly renovated Bluebird Fitness Trail has been upgraded with a paved trail, making it all-user-accessible. The easy 0.6-mile hike features an open landscape that overlooks a pond in one corner and features a playground, picnic tables, tennis courts, and accessible restrooms. Hikers begin their hike at the trailhead, near the pavilion at the Country Lake Drive entrance to the park.

Oak Bluff Hiking Trail Miller Park & Life Center

Hikers can enjoy this short 0.75-mile well-shaded trail that turns from a paved surface to a non-paved surface. The trail heads off a paved fitness trail to a well-worn path through stands of oak trees, as it loops back to the paved fitness trail. A playground, splash pad, and picnic shelters are located near the trailhead, which can be found near the entrance for the playground.

Duck Pond Fitness Trail Lakeview Village Park

A mostly sunny hike on this short 0.5-mile all-user-accessible trail is short but sweet. The trail meanders by a stand of bald cypress trees and a pond, before looping back around to the start. The trailhead can be found near the parking lot, in front of the basketball court.

Conservation parks

Northwest Equestrian Park

Pony Express Trail

This shorter jaunt combines a couple of Northwest Equestrian Park's trails to create a loop perfect for beginner hikers. Watch for deer and listen for red-shouldered hawks as you hike in this former orange grove. Be sure to give way to those on horseback as you enjoy this unique conservation park. 

Trail Map

Edward Medard Conservation Park

Singing Bluffs Trail

The Singing Bluffs trail is very unique! Who said all hikes in Florida are flat? Created by the mining of the area before it was reclaimed for conservation, the meandering fingers of land reach out into the reservoir lake and up and down hills where various birds like to nest. Watch your head as you spot the egrets, spoonbills, vultures, and other birds who call Medard home. 

Trail Map

Lake Park

Lake Vista Trail

This 1.6 mile loop around Lake Starvation - the largest of Lake Park's five lakes - will give you beautiful views of the lake's wildlife as well as cypress swamps, hardwood hammocks, and pine flatwoods.  
Trail Map

Nature Preserves

Lake Dan Nature Preserve

Pasture to Prairie Trail

Experience the transformation from former cattle grazing and citrus production land to a flourishing nature preserve. This 732-acre preserve boasts diverse habitats including pine flatwoods, prairies, and cypress domes, culminating at Lake Dan. As you venture down this 2-mile trail, keep an eye out for residents such as turkeys, deer, gopher tortoises, and migratory kestrels. Pause at Lake Dan's pier to try and spot alligators. Along the way, you might also encounter Tampa Bay Water wells, a nod to the preserve's role in providing the community with a clean, unpolluted regional water supply. Be prepared for sunny trail conditions.

Trail Map

Triple Creek Nature Preserve

Restoration Ramble

Trek through mesic flatwoods, witness Bell Creek's gentle flow, and explore a restoration area from past logging activities. This trail offers a blend of ecosystems, including endangered long leaf pine flatwoods and wet flatwoods. At the restoration area, look for the sign to learn more about how overcrowded slash pines were thinned to make room for more longleaf pines to move in. As an extra treat, hikers may see kestrels, whitetail deer, and quail on this 2.6-mile trail. 

Trail Map

Florida State Parks & Other Trails

Old Agrico Trail Alafia River State Park

Don't let the short 0.8-mile length deceive you, this hilly trail is more challenging than most treks you'll encounter on the Hiking Spree. The unique elevation of these hills provides great scenic overlooks. This trail is popular with hikers and runners alike, and meanders near other cycling trails, giving a unique opportunity to take in some mountain bike action. Hikers are advised to be familiar with the trail, as it has many off branches to the mountain biking trails, which are for bikes only. Old Agrico is the only hiking trail at Alafia River State Park.