Hillsborough County's Citrus Park Extension, completed in 2022, presented an opportunity to incorporate a popular safety feature for cyclists that is new to the County.

The Bike Box is a green, rectangular space between stopped traffic at a signalized intersection and the crosswalk. It is designed for cyclists to queue up in front of automobile traffic to make the cyclists more visible before the signal turns green.

The Bike Box is the width of the intersection, and it is painted green - the same green used in bike lanes. It has a white bicycle symbol stenciled in the box and it can accommodate multiple bicycles per traffic lane.

The box affords cyclists a specific place (designated by green) to stand in a highly visible location in front of motor vehicles. Drivers see and know that cyclist are present and take care in traveling through the intersections. This innovative idea is highlighted by the Federal Highway Administration.

Residents may notice Hillsborough's new Bike Boxes at Sheldon Road and Citrus Park Drive as well as Countryway Boulevard and Citrus Park Drive.

Four way intersection aerial view shows bike boxes for all four lights
The intersection of Sheldon Road and Citrus Park Drive is among the first in the region to feature "bike boxes."

Benefits of Bike Boxes include:

  • Increased visibility of bicyclists
  • Reduces incidents with automobiles turning right at intersections
  • Improves safety for left-turning bicyclists at intersections
  • Cyclists traveling in groups can clear an intersection more quickly and reduce delay for other traffic
  • Pedestrians benefit from reduced vehicle encroachment into the crosswalk

Motorists are asked to stop and wait at a red light behind the Bike Box and then proceed behind cyclists safely when the light turns green.

The new safety features support the community's desire for more safe options for multimodal roadway usage. The Citrus Park Drive extension also includes separated bike lanes. Additionally, County engineers recently retimed the traffic signals on Sheldon Road and lowered the speed limit to improve safety and reduce traffic incidents.

Learn more about Hillsborough County Safety and Mobility initiatives by visiting Safe Travels Hillsborough.

Image Caption: The intersection of Countryway Boulevard and Citrus Park Drive has a new feature called "bike boxes" to help cyclists stay safe on the roadways.
Posted: 2/12/2024, 3:32:03 PM