While the holidays are filled with celebrations and time spent with loved ones, they can also cause mental stress. According to the American Psychological Association, nearly nine in 10 adults said that financial stress, missing loved ones, and potential family conflicts cause them stress during the holiday months.
It’s important to find the “glimmers” in your daily life to help mitigate feelings of stress. Finding glimmers simply refers to the idea of recognizing the small moments of joy in your daily life. A glimmer can be anything from spotting a rainbow to petting a dog or cat.
If you’re feeling holiday-induced stress, remember to open yourself up to experiencing the glimmers in your life. Here are ways you can find daily glimmers in Hillsborough County:
Enjoy the Outdoors

  • There are several opportunities to find glimmers in the outdoors. You can kayak or canoe on Hillsborough County's scenic rivers, creeks, and waterways, or take a stroll at one of the many Hillsborough County parks and nature preserves. You might even spot a few local and migratory bird species!

Find a Hobby That Brings You Joy

  • Whether it’s reading, cooking, or even trying a new instrument, Hillsborough County libraries provide a wide array of resources that can help you expand your knowledge and try new hobbies. Stop in your local library or visit the HCPLC website to learn more.

Spend Time with Animals

  • If your idea of a glimmer is playing with animals, consider visiting Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center (PRC). Visit the PRC website for more information on available animals if you’re ready to adopt a furry friend. There are also opportunities to get involved through volunteer and foster programs.

Mindful Mondays Mental Health Resources

Mindful Mondays promotes different ways you can make your mental health a priority but not take up too much of your busy schedule. From chair yoga virtual classes to tips on how to decompress after a long day, Hillsborough County's Mindful Mondays has various interactive resources for you to access no matter what day or time it is.

Interested in mindful videos that help improve your mental health? Check out the Mindful Monday's YouTube Playlist.