The draft Greenways Master Plan is live, one year after the final community meeting

Last year, residents from all corners of the county met at libraries and recreation centers to learn about Hillsborough's greenways and provide feedback on the future of paved and unpaved trails and recreational waterways. The community also visited the online Greenways Master Plan virtual hub and provided thoughtful comments.

The original Greenways Master Plan was developed 27 years ago by a group of residents, planners, and community organizations that came together with a mutual vision. Since then, Hillsborough County has experienced a population boom, and a revised master plan was in order.

To ensure proper planning, County planners listened to residents, and over the last 12 months used what they learned to create the draft Greenways Master Plan. Residents are invited to visit the virtual hub through midnight on Monday, Dec. 4, review the plan, and provide comments.

Next steps

On Wednesday, Dec. 6, the Hillsborough Greenways Committee will discuss, make changes, and put their stamp of approval on the Greenways Master Plan.

Once approved by the committee, the Greenways Master Plan will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for approval in early 2024.

In case you missed it

Here's a quick greenways definition: paved and unpaved trails that can be used by people walking, biking, or on horseback, and blueways (recreational waterways) and launch sites where people can access blueways.

If you missed last year's meetings or have not visited the online opportunity, you can still catch up by visiting the virtual hub.

If you have questions about the Greenways Master Plan Update, please email or call (813) 807-0743.