State of Florida’s special district program information

Districts & registered agents

In Hillsborough County, there are single county special districts as defined by the State of Florida’s Special District Program – are independent districts and are dependent districts. At the Special Districts website you can create a customized list of districts and their registered agents. Choose option #3 (Active), then choose Hillsborough in the Option 6 box. If you have questions about a specific district, please contact the registered agent shown in the list.

Of the 57 dependent districts in Hillsborough County, 46 were established by the Board of County Commissioners through its neighborhood maintenance district program. The county’s Management and Budget Division provides technical assistance to these districts to assure their compliance with state statutes, county ordinances, and accepted practices.

Annual financial reports and financial statements of Special Districts

Information regarding district Annual Financial Reports to the State of Florida can be found through the State Department of Financial Services website. Citizens can also review special district audited financial statements on file with the State of Florida Auditor General's website.

Additional information

For questions about existing special districts in Hillsborough County or establishing a new neighborhood maintenance district, please contact Mary Mahoney, at (813) 272-6599.

Special District websites

Effective October 1, 2015, Chapter 189.069 requires all districts to have a web site and post certain information on that web site. The State Special District Accountability Program maintains a web page with links to all special district web sites in the state.  

Access the State web page

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