How the red light ticket process works and how to pay fines

American Traffic Solutions 

To better understand how violations are now handled, see the flow chart provided by American Traffic Solutions (ATS). They have provided the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about the Florida Red-Light Safety Program. These questions focus on how existing programs will operate under specific provisions of the modified law.

What is the red light camera process?

  1. When a vehicle runs a red light, cameras record the vehicle and its license plate
  2. Law enforcement officials then review the evidence and decide whether or not to issue a ticket
  3. Any Notices of Warning or Violation are mailed to the vehicle's registered owner

Does the Sheriff's Office receive funds from the red light cameras?

  • The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has contracted with ATS, a private vendor, at the request of the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners
  • They receive no proceeds associated with this program aside from its reimbursement for the actual costs associated with its Law Enforcement Officers reviewing the violations

What are the options if I receive a violation notice?

You have 60 days following the notification to proceed with one of three actions:

Pay the penalty

Pay the $158 statutory penalty.

Submit an affidavit

Submit and affidavit transferring liability or establishing one of the other statutory exemptions from liability

  • Go to
  • Click on the login button and enter your Notice number and PIN
  • Download the affidavit form

Request a hearing

Request a hearing before a local hearing officer appointed by the local government

  • To request a hearing, follow the the instructions on the back of the notice and contact ATS

If you do not take one of the above within the 60-day Notice of Violation period, a Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) will be issued within 30 days of the expiration of the 60-day period. UTC's are enforced in the County court.

What if I'm the registered owner, but wasn't the one driving it? 

  • You can submit an affidavit establishing the liability of another driver
  • The driver identified in the affidavit will be sent a Notice of Violation and won't receive a Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC), as was the case previously
  • This allows the them to avoid the higher fine UTC and have an opportunity to pay the lower Notice of Violation penalty

Contact information 

For more information on specific violations, contact the Violation Processing Service Center at 1-866-790-4111 or go to

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