Find all the formats (PDF, DWG, and DGN) for Hillsborough County Technical Design Manual typical section drawings

Typical section drawings

These are the drawings available in PDF, DWG, and DGN formats you will find on this page.

  • Rural 2 Lane Undivided C1 C2-2U
  • Rural 4 Lane Divided C1 C2-4D
  • Suburban 2 Lane Undivided C3-2U-Sl
  • Suburban 2 Lane Undivided C3-2U
  • Suburban 2 Lane Divided C3-2D
  • Suburban 4 Lane Divided C3-4D
  • Suburban 6 Lane Divided C3-6D
  • Suburban 4 Lane Divided - OD C3-4D-OD
  • Suburban Town 2 Lane Undivided C3T-2U-Sl
  • Suburban Town 2 Lane Undivided BL C3T-2U-BL
  • Suburban Town 2 Lane Divided BL C3T-2D-BL
  • Suburban Town 4 Lane Divided BL C3T-4D-BL
  • Urban General 2 Lane Divided BL C4-2D-BL
  • Urban General 4 Lane Divided BL C4-4D-BL
  • Shared Use Path Sup


HCTDM Typical Sections PDF
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HCTDM Typical Sections DWG
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Microstation (DGN)

HCTDM Typical Sections DGN
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