This award recognizes an outstanding individual Paramedic, or rescue company, for service above and beyond the call of duty

Nancy Lee McKay was a community activist whose tireless efforts were instrumental in establishing a quality EMS system in Hillsborough County. This recognition can be for an act of heroism, unusual dedication, or significant program impact for our public's safety.

The Nancy Lee McKay Paramedic of the Year Award is presented in conjunction with the county commission’s Proclamation of EMS Week, during the month of May.

Selection process

Each June, nominations are submitted to the fire personnel chief. Fire rescue executive staff review all nominations and make a recommendation to the fire chief, who then selects the winner for the year.

Award recipients

  • 2015 Robert Jones
  • 2014 Mike Murphy
  • 2013 John Rankin
  • 2012 Jaime Whitmore 
  • 2011 Derek Butler
  • 2010 Stephen Palmieri
  • 2009 Douglas Hutchinson
  • 2008 Michael Dillin
  • 2007 Jay Wilkins
  • 2006 Michael Brown
  • 2005 Karen Davidson
  • 2004 Miller “Buck” Basnight
  • 2003 Stewart Beale
  • 2002 James William Ratliff
  • 2001 Paul Costello
  • 2000 Jean-Paul Deeb
  • 1999 Vaughn Whitehead
  • 1998 Ladonis Ellison
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