ZHM hearings cover expansion of non-conforming uses, major modifications to PD districts, and rezoning to standard or PD districts

Zoning applicants should familiarize themselves with the zoning process and available resources, including the requirements for public notice and subsequent public hearing prior to approval.

Complete applications should be filed following the appropriate submittal instructions found on the Digital Drop-Off page to receive a hearing date.

Other resources

Public comment and access

Sign up to participate virtually or in-person by clicking the button below. You can also choose to email written public comment if you do not want to speak.

  • If you wish to participate virtually, it is required that you complete the form
  • If you wish to participate in person, you are encouraged to complete the form in advance, however it is not required
  • Visit the Speak at a Zoning Hearing Master (ZHM) Meeting to learn more about offering public comment for the hearing

Signup to Speak at the ZHM Hearing


If you have questions or need more information on the hearing, email hearings@hcfl.gov.

Last Modified: 2/8/2024, 2:18:09 PM