Providence Skate Park staff is excited to host their first Girls Skate Meet Up.

Regardless of your age or abilities, all girls are invited to join us for a day of skating. Skateboarders and roller skaters are invited to join the day's activities.

Skaters will be able to participate in:

  • Grip Tape Art Contest (supplies provided)
  • Best Trick Contest
  • On The Spot Tips & Tricks

Free food and drinks will be provided by Friends of the County Parks.

Things to know

  • This event is free

Things to bring

  • Helmet for those 18 and under
  • Helmet, elbow and knee pads for 12 and under


For any questions email Cian Barry or call (813) 309-5692.

Last Modified: 2/1/2024, 6:30:53 PM