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Zoning and Land Use processes can have significant impacts on Hillsborough County residents. Fortunately, there are a wealth of resources available to help residents navigate the process and find information.

What is the zoning for my property?

By accessing the Hillsborough County Map Viewer, you can find a variety of important property information, including current zoning, flood zone information, and land use application numbers. Simply enter an address and scroll through the results window.

What uses are allowed on my property?

If you have looked up a property but require additional information on the listed results, the Land Development Code is a great resource to turn to. All facets of land use in Hillsborough County are determined by the Land Development Code. For instance, you can find information on what each zoning code translates to or what uses are allowable based on a property’s zoning.

How can I get further assistance?

Zoning counselors can provide assistance with questions related to how zoning regulations apply to a particular property, such as setbacks and allowable uses, or assist you with rectifying a zoning violation. A zoning information request can be submitted from the convenience of your phone or laptop and is the ideal way to receive answers to your questions.

Submit Zoning Info Request

Zoning counselors are also available by calling (813) 272-5600, Option 3.

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