To add a new competitive site, talk with representatives from the Economic Development department


The initial inventory of competitive sites is not an exclusive listing of all potential competitive sites in the Unincorporated County. Site owners who determine their sites may meet the criteria of a competitive site may elect to request the Economic Development Department (EDD) to add their site to the Competitive Sites Inventory.


To add a potentially new competitive site to the County’s Competitive Site Inventory, a site owner (applicant) shall be required to converse with representatives of the Hillsborough County EDD, in person, via e-mail or phone to determine if the site constitutes a potential competitive site


To add a potential competitive site to the EDD’s Competitive Site Inventory, the site shall meet the following criteria:

  • Site is located within the Unincorporated County.
  • Site has an approved Planned Development/DRI  Development Order with a minimum of 100,000 sf of office and/or industrial entitlements, or
  • Site has appropriate zoning that allows for a minimum of 100,000 sf of office/industrial targeted industry development
  • Site has sufficient vacant land to support desired office/industrial targeted industry development.
  • Site has sufficient infrastructure (roads, water, waste water, private utilities, storm water, etc.) to support desired office/industrial targeted industry development.

Property owners can request staff to add their property to the Competitive Sites Inventory if it is determined the property meets the Competitive Sites Inventory criteria. Properties that qualify for the Competitive Site Inventory will be eligible for regulatory and financial incentives outlined in this program.


For more information, email Eric Lindstrom, Competitive Sites and Redevelopment Manager or call (813) 276-2747.

Last Modified: 2/5/2024, 3:41:48 PM

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