If you are visiting County Center, find out your nearby parking options


  • Visitors to County Center can use our public parking garage at 319 N. Pierce St.
    • Pierce Garage has limited public parking and is a first come, first serve basis
  • The garage entrance is on Jackson Street, and it exits onto Pierce Street. Get directions.

Parking payment process

When entering the parking garage, you have to stop and push the button on the machine to get a ticket.

When you are ready to exit the garage you can pay one of two ways : 

  • Pay at the ticket kiosks by the elevators just before returning to your car
    • Bring your ticket with you that you received when you arrived - do not leave it in the car
  • Pay at the gate when driving out of the garage
    • Stop your car and scan the ticket at the gate

If you need help getting a ticket when you arrive, with the kiosks, or paying at the exit gate, use the intercom buttons on the machines to call an attendant. Parking personnel are available Monday through Friday until 6PM.

Parking garage cost

  • The first hour is free
  • $1 per half hour (after the initial one-hour grace period)
  • Payment types accepted:
    • Cash
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover Card
    • American Express
    • Debit cards

Parking garage hours

  • Monday through Friday, opens at 7 AM; Saturday through Sunday, closed
  • The exit is automatic with payment

Additional parking options

Additional parking is available at metered spaces along the streets, in nearby garages operated by the City of Tampa, and in private parking lots. Many metered parking spaces on the streets use pay stations that accept coins and credit or debit cards.

Last Modified: 6/25/2024, 6:50:18 PM

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