Pebble Park is a 27 acre Hillsborough County Conservation Park located in Riverview on the Alafia River.

This Conservation Park has a .25 mile paved walking trail in addition to a .5 mile natural surface hiking trail. It also has three large pavilions with picnic tables and two native planted areas with a pollinator garden.

Although Pebble Park isn't as large as some of our other conservation parks, you can see a variety of bird species, such as great egrets, black bellied whistling ducks, mockingbirds, and cardinals. While exploring the park, be on the lookout for more wildlife, like turtles and butterflies, including Monarchs, and other pollinating insects.

In the future there will be a walkway that will serve as an overlook to the Alafia River.

Note: There is no water access to the Alafia from Pebble Park, and no Special Events or Vendors are permitted at this location.


Last Modified: 4/3/2024, 4:41:56 PM