A new 50,000-square-foot African American Arts & Cultural Center (AAACC) with outdoor amenities is planned for construction in West Tampa at 2103 N. Rome Ave. Tampa, Florida, 33607. The 6-acre site is one of the eight original African American neighborhoods in Tampa, where many African American families moved to for housing, homeownership, and developing businesses. Strong ties to the African American community continue in West Tampa today.

First of its kind in the community

The AAACC aims to be the first of its kind, created with the community and for the community. It will serve as a historical and cultural hub celebrating African American life and legacy in the Tampa Bay region. The AAACC will serve as a catalyst for future cultural inspirations.

The destination will include a variety of public spaces, including meeting spaces, galleries, studios, event spaces, and a café. The exterior will feature an amphitheater, lawn space, sculptures, a Heritage Trail, and multiuse gathering spaces.

The history and stories of African American communities and African diaspora will be honored and come to life through events, arts, and educational experiences at this unique location.

The AAACC is intended to be an active facility open seven days a week for visitors, educational groups, and events. The building design includes open spaces and large corridors that connect the interior of the facility to the exterior. Regardless of the visit type, the AAACC will inform and emphasize the unique contributions that African American communities have made to the Tampa Bay region and beyond.

Construction funding progress

The design phase is currently underway, and construction is partially funded. The AAACC construction funding commitments stand at $14,500,000, which includes County funding, three State of Florida grants, one Federal grant, and one private grant. Fundraising initiatives are underway to augment this with the County's current capital funding commitments. 

General FAQs

For more information, contact: aaacc@HCFL.gov.  

Last Modified: 5/6/2024, 6:13:04 PM