This Committee acts in the public interest on all matters relating to the Public Art Ordinance including the selection, placement, and maintenance of works of public art throughout the County

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The Committee provides public input in the administration and planning of the Public Art Program, and serves as a liaison to the Hillsborough County visual arts community.


The membership of this Committee shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall be comprised of seven members. Composition is specified as follows:

  • 1 member from the Arts Council of Tampa / Hillsborough County
  • 1 member from the Board of Trustees, of the Tampa Museum of Art, Inc. or one member designated by USF, School of Art History with experience in the visual arts.
  • 1 member from Board of County Commissioners or their designee
  • 3 members who are private citizens of Hillsborough County with demonstrated knowledge and appreciation for visual art
  • 1 member who is an architect, planner, landscape architect, or developer in Hillsborough County.

As the need arises, the Committee may appoint ex-officio members to provide expertise or otherwise represent a particular interest unique to a location or characteristic of a work of art


Members shall serve three year terms. No member shall serve for more than two full three year terms.


Hillsborough County Public Art Ordinance 10-1 repealing Ordinance 88-31, 89-32, and 94-3 adopted January 6, 2010.

Special requirements

One member who is a private citizen must reside in the unincorporated area of Hillsborough County.


County Center, 23rd Floor


Amy E. Jarman RA, LEED AP
Architect, Public Art Coordinator
Capital Programs Department
County Center, 23rd Floor
Phone: (813) 307-1053

February 2024
Last Modified: 1/29/2024, 9:33:11 PM
Ms. Margaret Baskette
Private Citizen / resides in Unincorporated HC
6/5/2019 - 6/30/2025 *
Ms. Sarah Kieny
Private Citizen - resides in the City of Tampa
2/21/2018 - 3/31/2024 *
Mr. Jason Lazarus
USF - School of Art & Art History, College of the Arts
2/16/2022 - 1/31/2025
Mr. James Steele
Architect, Planner, Landscape Architect, or Developer in HC
9/16/2020 - 11/15/2026 *
Ms. Georgia Vahue
Arts Council of Hillsborough County Representative
10/18/2017 - 9/30/2023 *
Mr. David Valdez
Private Citizen - resides in Unincorporated HC, demonstrated knowledge and appreciation for visual art/BOCC designee
11/1/2020 - 11/15/2026 *
Ms. Jennifer Wells China
Private Citizen - resides in Unincorporated HC
10/3/2018 - 3/31/2024 *

* reappointed

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