This Authority, with the consent of the Board of County Commissioners, provides financing of industrial projects that are beneficial to the community, including manufacturing plants and pollution and waste control facilities

Purpose and services provided

The Authority issues taxable and tax-exempt bonds to finance and refinance qualified capital projects to create new jobs, preserve existing jobs, add to the ad valorem tax rolls of the County and to generally preserve and promote the economic welfare of the County and its citizens.

  • Jurisdictional Boundaries: Countywide
  • Creation Document: "The Authority was created by resolution of the Board of County Commissioners under and pursuant to the Florida Industrial Development Finance Act, Florida Statutes Chapter 159, Part II and Part III which, generally, grants authority to issue private activity bonds to finance or refinance qualified capital projects deemed appropriate to the needs and economic welfare of the county.
  • Operates Under: (a) the Florida Industrial Development Finance Act, Florida Statutes Chapter 159 Part II and Part III; and (b) the Florida Uniform Special Districts Accountability Act, Florida Statutes Chapter 189
  • Dates Established: October 27, 1971 pursuant to (unnumbered) resolution of the Board of County Commissioners enacted on that date


The membership of this Authority shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall be comprised of seven members.


Members shall serve four year terms.


Chapter 159.44, Florida Statutes, Chapter 159.45, Florida Statutes, BOCC Resolution dated October 27, 1971.

Special requirements

Members should be knowledgeable in finance, economic development, or the planning and financing of large capital improvements.

Revenue information

This authority has no taxing power, nor does it receive any tax revenue or other financial support from the county. Its operations are funded solely from fees collected from applicants for financing.


Monthly, 1st Thursday, 10:00 AM
Entrepreneur Collaborative Center
2101 E. Palm Ave.
Tampa, FL 33605


Tom Morrison, Registered Agent/General Counsel
Morrison & Mills, P.A.
1200 W. Platt St., Ste. 100 Tampa, FL 33606-2143
Phone: (813) 833-2578

Last Modified: 1/29/2024, 7:54:21 PM
Mr. Patrick Ahern
4/19/2023 - 4/19/2027
Mr. Philip Davis
1/19/2023 - 1/19/2027
Mr. Victor DiMaio
2/7/2001 - 12/31/2024 *
Mr. Waverly Donahoe
2/19/2020 - 12/19/2023
Mr. Michael Kersmarki
12/7/2011 - 12/19/2023 *
Mr. James Rodriguez
9/2/2020 - 9/30/2024
Mr. Kevin Shukur
1/19/2023 - 1/19/2027

* reappointed

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