This Council advises and makes recommendations to the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board

These recommendations are with respect to the development of the Hillsborough River Corridor and monitoring of activities within the Hillsborough River Corridor as they relate to the local comprehensive plan policies that relate to the river.


The membership of this Council is comprised of 10 members appointed as follows:

  • Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners
  • Tampa City Council
  • Temple Terrace City Council
  • City-County Planning Commission
    Environmental Protection Commission
  • Southwest Florida Water Management District
  • Tampa Port Authority
  • Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

The Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners appoints one member.


Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.

Special requirements:

Members must have a demonstrated interest in the protection of the Hillsborough River.


Special Act 86-335, Laws of Florida.


Monthly, 3rd Tuesday, 1:30 PM
Location to be determined.

Last Modified: 2/14/2024, 3:59:34 PM
Hillsborough River Technical Advisory Council
Shawn College (Planning Commission) - Meeting Manager
Dr. Richard Brown
7/14/2010 - 6/30/2023 *

* reappointed

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